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The Vintage Ice Cream Guys feature Good Humor™ and other fine brands.

Good Humor Truck in the 1950s

Finest Ice Cream Brands

Indulge your guests with premium brands of ice cream and frozen desserts. .  Some of the brands we carry include:

Good Humor™  Klondike™ Popsicle™ • Ben & Jerry's™ • Frozen Fruit™ • Blue Bunny™

Customer-Friendly Products

We can customize our products for your event. Always conscious of our customers' needs, we strive to cater to various dietary and allergenic restrictions. Subject to availability, we offer an array of desserts including:

Lactose-Free • Nut-Free • Sugar-Free • Whey-Free • Kosher • Pareve  • Organic

We offer a wide selection of ice cream and dessets for every occasion.